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Welcome to My HLS Financial Aid


New Admits to the Class of 2017

You DO NOT have access to this system until the process opens in mid-February 2014.  Watch your HLS email for more details...

My HLS Financial Aid provides fast, secure, 24-hour access to your HLS financial aid information. This includes the ability to track the status of your application for aid by reviewing your custom document list plus access to your real time award information.

Technical Requirements: This system requires use of PC with one of the following browsers:

  • PC with Internet Explorer 8.0
  • PC with Internet Explorer 9 (in a Windows 7 Environment only)
  • Firefox 12.0
  • Google Chrome 18.0

APPLE computers, SAFARI browsers and mobile devices (including ipads and iphones) are not supported. 

Also, to successfully submit data via the online application, found within, DO NOT use a wireless connection and you may need to temporarily lower your internet security setting to Medium or Low.


Access to this system requires a unique Student ID and PIN defined as follows: 

-Student ID: Enter your FULL OFFICIAL HLS EMAIL ADDRESS (i.e.jdoe@jd10.law.harvard.edu).

-PIN: After entering your FULL OFFICIAL HLS EMAIL ADDRESS as your Student ID, EITHER enter your PIN (if you remember it) OR do one of the following:

  • Click on "Forgot your PIN" - Students who have previously accessed this system should use this link. (i.e. all continuing students admitted to the classes of 2016 and before who have logged in to this system at a prior point in time - This includes students originally admitted in 2016 or before who used this system but then subsequently deferred their admission.
  • Click "First Time User" - Students who have NEVER accessed this system before should use this link (i.e. new admits to the class of 2017, new transfer students logging in for the first time, and any first time aid applicant who has never logged in before).

Both of these links, will ask you to enter your Student ID again (FULL OFFICIAL HLS EMAIL ADDRESS) and then present you with a series of challenge questions.  After you successfully answer these questions you will either be given the opportunity to change your PIN or set up a PIN for the first time. You can select any PIN you want. HLS SFS staff members have no access to what you choose as it is stored encrypted and hashed-out in our database. After you re-set/set-up your PIN you can then go back and use it to log into this system. The first time you log in you will also be asked to set up a few more personalized security questions that will be used in the future should you need to change your PIN again.